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Carmona Bonsai Tree Care Instructions

The Carmona or Fukien Tea is an evergreen Bonsai tree named after the province Fukien, in Chinese Fuijan, where it originates. It has small dark-green shiny leaves that are covered with hairs and forms a very dense, compact habit. Carmona Bonsai works particularly well as a mini bonsai tree, but is also a great house plant. The trunk of Carmona Bonsai Tree has wonderful brownish red bark which contrasts beautifully with the dark green of its leaves.

Location :

Carmona Bonsai tree will need to be kept indoors year round but It can also be kept outside in a very warm climates. Carmona needs a lot of high light so in the house it should be placed near a window where it gets the best light. In winter make sure your Fukien Tea is not exposed to cold or frosty air.


Fukien Tea Bonsai prefer a moderately moist soil as it doesn’t like droughts. Fukien tea Bonsai simply stop growing if the root ball is permitted to dry out completely. Water your Fukien Tea Bonsai as soon as the soil surface gets dry.


Fukien Tea Bonsai’s root are very sensitive so it is advisable to use a solid organic fertilizer. Fertilize your Fukien Tea Bonsai every two weeks. Make sure it has been watered well before fertilizing to prevent burning the roots.

Pruning :

Regular trimming and pinching will make the tree to grow dense and miniature. Cut back new shoots to 2 to 3 leaves once they have developed 6 to 8 leaves .Fukien Teas have a very dense habit and can be pruned throughout the year. Fukien Tea Bonsai can be easily shaped without wiring.


Repot the Fukien Tea every two years in early spring. Do root pruning carefully, no more than 10 percent, as Fukien Tea Bonsai does not take a great loss of roots well.

Pests and diseases:

Foliage that takes on a general yellowish colour is usually a result of over-watering and/or a poor draining compost. Use a proper drainage soil mixture. Keep the leaves free from dust and inspect regularly for pests or fungus.Under inadequate conditions the Fukien Tea Bonsai can suffer from spider mites, scale and white flies. Use appropriate insecticide to treat your Carmona Bonsai Tree.

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