An Ultimate Caring Guide to Outdoor Bonsai Plants

If you have a beautiful terrace garden or a balcony and wanted to have a outdoor bonsai this post is for you. While selecting a outdoor bonsai tree first thing to keep in mind is your local climate. Second thing is to consider special condition of your garden or balcony as the direction, amount of sunlight or shady area etc.

Outdoor Bonsai tree

There are several Bonsai Trees that you can grow outdoor and they bloom perfectly fine. Few species of bonsai tree easily grown outdoor are Fuchia, Chinese Elm, Japanese maple and some juniper species. If you want to have a special bonsai tree species, Please get well informed about the living condition of your bonsai tree if it can live in your climate and in your garden or balcony. You may need to provide the suitable condition they require like a greenhouse for winter or a shade nets for summer.

Caring of outdoor Bonsai

Caring for an outdoor Bonsai tree is not as difficult but it is not very different from your normal house plants. The main reason bonsai need extra care is that Bonsai trees is growing in small pots and less soil therefore they have very limited storage for nutrients and water.

Let’s take a look of few guidelines/specific care for outdoor bonsai tree.


Most of the outdoor bonsai tree need proper sunlight of atleast a few hours in a day. If your bonsai doesn’t get a proper lightning the growth will decrease and the bonsai tree will eventually weaken. During warm months of the year keep your bonsai tree in a location where it can get morning sun shine and afternoon shade. Find a proper balance of sun and shade for your bonsai tree.In addition to sufficient lighting, bonsai tree also need proper air circulation to remain healthy long-term.


Never follow a routine when water your outdoor bonsai tree. Instead of watering your bonsai on a daily routine, keep observing the soil of your bonsai tree on a regular basis,. Water your bonsai tree when the soil is slightly dry never allow the soil to become completely dry.


Outdoor bonsai tree can suffer from low humidity in hot days or in a paved place surrounded by walls. You should take care of humidity level by misting your tree regularly or by placing a humidity tree near your tree. Wetting the pot, floors and wall around the tree can also be helpful.


Since your bonsai tree is growing in a small pot and less amount of soil it is needful you recharge the soil’s nutritional content frequently. Fertilize your bonsai tree regularly during the growing season.

Winter care for outdoor Bonsai

To remain healthy Outdoor Bonsai trees need to experience seasonal change including a period of dormancy triggered by winter cold. Trees do best when let outside during winter with their root protected from sharp temperature swings. Protect your Outdoor Bonsai Tree by covering the soil with pesticides and much soil when temperature drop to freezing. Place your tree inside in night to protect from freezing temperature in night.

To sum up, the key to growing a healthy bonsai tree is that you make sure to select the right bonsai tree species and choose the right location for it. Take proper care and follow the guidelines for outdoor bonsai tree and enjoy watching your tree growing and blooming.

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