About Us

The Bonsai Plants

With extreme passion for Bonsai Plants and Trees, a young lady entrepreneur and her team created a wonderful masterpiece named The Bonsai Plants.

Started with a concept of “Gifting a plant”, they started fulfilling the dreams of 1000s of Indian bonsai enthusiasts and people who were passionate about the home décor and DIY.

With more than 13000+ Bonsai plants delivered in Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Chennai, Jaipur, Udaipur, Mumbai, Gujrat, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh, we’re now 10000+ member strong community.

Bonsai tree is all about love and passion for it. You just don’t decorate with it, YOU OWN IT. Once we ended up saying while talking to a customer – “You’re not buying a plant, but you’re adopting our 3-4 years old baby for your life-time, please do take care of it at its best.” This is the love and care we have for the bonsai tree.

We’ve created a community around bonsai plants partnering with many other ventures and bonsai enthusiasts all across India, China, Japan, Thailand and Australia.

We’ve helped more than 10000+ customers realise their bonsai dream and want it to make its way to millions more. Our experts visit Thailand, China, Australia, Japan to handpick the bonsai tree and bring it to India. Though you’ll find many bonsai retailers out there in the market, but the question is – “Are you getting the real naturally grown bonsai hand picked from the farms of countrysides of China or the forests of Thailand?” .. We ensure that you’ve the answer to it.

Join us in making this revolution Pan India and global and make it a “Go Green” movement.